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  1. United Kingdom - Leeds: Hospital and related services

  2. United Kingdom - Hengoed: Taxi services (Contract award)

  3. United Kingdom - Leicester: Catering equipment

    24 June 2017 | OJEU | UNITED KINGDOM (UK)
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  4. United Kingdom - Merthyr Tydfil: Transport services (excl. Waste transport)

  5. United Kingdom - Preston: Health and social work services

  6. United Kingdom - Lewes: Social work services with accommodation

  7. United Kingdom - Leicester: Specialist vehicles

  8. United Kingdom - Swindon: Building-cleaning services

  9. United Kingdom - Nottingham: Safety training services

  10. United Kingdom - Cardiff: Plastic products

  11. United Kingdom - Mansfield: Health and social work services

  12. United Kingdom - Edinburgh: Environmental protection

  13. United Kingdom - Bootle: Street-lighting maintenance services

  14. United Kingdom - Hamilton: Taxi services

    24 June 2017 | OJEU | UNITED KINGDOM (UK)
  15. United Kingdom - Chelmsford: Restaurant and food-serving services

  16. United Kingdom - London: Railway-track maintenance services

  17. United Kingdom - Belfast: Hire of buses and coaches with driver

  18. United Kingdom - Edinburgh: IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

  19. United Kingdom - Cardiff: Imaging equipment for medical, dental and veterinary use

  20. United Kingdom - Ilford: Cleaning services

  21. United Kingdom - Newport: Counselling services

    24 June 2017 | OJEU | UNITED KINGDOM (UK)
  22. United Kingdom - Coventry: Laboratory, optical and precision equipments (excl. glasses)

  23. United Kingdom - Cardiff: Refuse recycling services

  24. United Kingdom - Belfast: Electronic analytical balances

    24 June 2017 | OJEU | UNITED KINGDOM (UK)
  25. United Kingdom - London: Accounting, auditing and fiscal services

  26. United Kingdom - Skipton: Technical and vocational secondary education services

  27. United Kingdom - Lincoln: Health and social work services

  28. United Kingdom - Newport: Storage and warehousing services

  29. United Kingdom - Belfast: Chargers

    24 June 2017 | OJEU | UNITED KINGDOM (UK)
  30. United Kingdom - London: Information technology services

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