YT-Mamoudzou: EDF — priority rainwater-related works in 4 sectors

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Notice for additional information, information on incomplete procedure or corrigendum
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Friday, March 4, 2011
Thursday, June 23, 2011 - 15:00
Tender ID: 
2011/S 44-71220

  • 1. Publication reference:


  • 2. Procedure:


  • 3. Programme:

    European Development Fund.

  • 4. Financing:

    Financing agreement No 9PTF MY3 / FED/2007/019-392.

  • 5. Contracting authority:

    Territorial Authorising Officer in Mayotte, President of the General Council of Mayotte , Mamoudzou , MAYOTTE.

Contract specifications

  • 6. Contract description:

    Priority rainwater-related works in 4 sectors of Mayotte, in the districts of Dzaoudzi Labattoir, Mamoudzou, Mtsamboro, Pamandzi, Sada, including: reservoirs, concrete pipes, replacement and recalibration of channels and culverts, protection of gully embankments, dissipation trenches and screen rakes, intercepting ditches, gutters, raising of walkways.

  • 7. Numbers and titles of lots:

    2 lots:

    — lot 1: priority works in 4 sectors,

    — lot 2: works at Labattoir site No 1.

Conditions of participation

  • 8. Eligibility and rule of origin:

    Participation in the contract is open on equal terms to all natural persons and legal entities (irrespective of whether they are taking part as individuals or as part of a grouping (consortium) of tenderers) from the EU Member States that contribute to the European Development Fund, ACP countries and territories, and also to international organisations, as authorised by the instrument applicable to the programme under which the contract is financed (see also point 22 hereafter). All the goods supplied under this contract must originate in these countries.

  • 9. Grounds for exclusion:

    Tenderers must submit a signed declaration, included with the tender form for a works contract, confirming that they are not in any of the situations listed in section 2.3.3 of the Practical Guide to contract procedures in the context of external actions.

  • 10. Number of tenders:

    Tenderers may not submit more than 1 tender per lot. Tenders for part of a lot will not be considered. Tenderers may state in their tender whether they would grant a discount should they be awarded several lots. Tenderers may not submit a variant tender in addition to their tender for the work required in the invitation to tender dossier.

  • 11. Tender guarantee:

    Tenderers must provide a tender guarantee for an amount equivalent to 1 % of the tender when they submit their tender. This guarantee will be returned to unsuccessful tenderers once the invitation to tender procedure has been completed and to the successful tenderer after the contract has been signed by all parties. This guarantee will be drawn on if the tenderer does not honour all the obligations stipulated in the invitation to tender.

  • 12. Performance bond:

    The successful tenderer will be required to provide a performance bond for 10 % of the contract value when the contract is signed. The bond must be furnished within 30 days of the date on which the tenderer receives the contract signed by the contracting authority. If the successful tenderer does not furnish the bond within the time allowed, the contract will be rendered void and a new contract may then be drawn up and sent to the tenderer with the second best compliant tender.

  • 13. Briefing and/or site visit:

    The contracting authority will hold a mandatory site visit on 13.4.2011. Contact person: Mr Houlam Chamssidine, Head of GEP Project, Deputy Directorate-General for Development, Infrastructure and the Environment, General Council of Mayotte, 97600 Mamoudzou, MAYOTTE (tel. +262 269649612, fax +262 269649623).

  • 14. Tender validity:

    Tenders are to be valid for 90 days from the final date for submission of tenders.

  • 15. Time limit for completion:

    The performance period for this contract is 24 months, including a 12-month warranty period. The time limit for completion is 12 months and includes the rainy season.

Selection and award criteria

  • 16. Selection criteria:

    Administratively, economically and technically compliant: the tenderer must be in the construction trade, with expertise gained over the past 5 years (2006–2010) in carrying out studies and works of the same type and complexity as those envisaged, under similar conditions. In the case of a joint venture, consortium or grouping, the combined references of the members must fulfil the following conditions.

    The minimum selection criteria for each tenderer are as follows:

    1. he must be a registered company or natural person capable of carrying out the required work;

    2. in the case of a joint venture, it must meet (as a whole) the minimum qualification criteria listed below;

    3. average annual turnover for the past 3 years must have been equivalent to 1,5 times the tender value (EUR);

    4. he must carry out at least 70 % of the works under the contract using his own resources, which means that he must have the equipment, materials, human resources and financial means needed to carry out this percentage of the contract;

    5. he must have access to sufficient credit and other financial facilities to ensure that he has the required cash flow throughout the contract period. He must, in any case, have access to credit in excess of the equivalent of 50 % of the value of the works;

    6. if a main partner in a joint venture/consortium, he must carry out at least 50 % of the works under the contract using his own resources, as detailed in the previous sub-clause 4. In the case of a joint venture/consortium, the main partner must be the one responsible for earthmoving operations;

    7. if he is among the other members of a joint venture/consortium (i.e. not the main partner), he must be able to carry out at least 10 % of the works under the contract using his own resources, as detailed in sub-clause 4;

    8. during the past 5 years (2006–2010), he must have completed at least 3 projects of the same nature/value as those envisaged. The contracting authority reserves the right to request copies of final handover certificates signed by the project managers/contracting authorities for the projects concerned.

    The evaluation committee must be able to measure the know-how for a level of investment of this kind. References for works carried out outside the territory of Mayotte may be used;

    9. all key staff members (general foreman) must have at least 10 years' appropriate experience and certificates confirming qualifications relevant to the performance of work similar to that involved in the project (CVs to be provided).

  • 17. Award criterion:


Tender submission

  • 18. Procedures for obtaining the invitation to tender dossier:

    The invitation to tender dossier can be obtained from the Deputy Directorate-General for Development, Infrastructure and the Environment, General Council of Mayotte, Public Procurement Unit, ex CFA Kawéni, 97600 Mamoudzou, MAYOTTE (tel. +262 269649612, fax +262 269649623).

    The dossier and additional elements may also be consulted at the offices of the contracting authority, DGAAIE Kawéni. The standard tender form enclosed with the invitation to tender dossier must be used to draw up tenders, and the clauses and format of this form must be strictly adhered to.

    Questions concerning this invitation to tender must be sent in writing to the Deputy Director-General for Development, Infrastructure and the Environment (quoting 'Projet EuropeAid/129904/D/WKS/YT'), Public Procurement Unit, ex CFA Kawéni, 97600 Mamoudzou, MAYOTTE (tel. +262 269649612, fax +262 269649623) at least 21 days before the final date for submission of tenders given in point 19.

    The contracting authority must reply to the questions no later than 11 days prior to the final date for submission of tenders. Clarifications concerning the invitation to tender dossier may be published on the EuropeAid website:

  • 19. Final date for submission of tenders:

    23.6.2011 (15:00).

    Tenders received after this deadline will not be considered.

  • 20. Tender opening session:

    23.6.2011 (16:00) at the Deputy Directorate-General for Development, Infrastructure and the Environment, General Council of Mayotte.

  • 21. Language for the procedure:

    French must be used for all correspondence concerning this invitation to tender.

  • 22. Legal basis:

    ACP-EC Partnership Agreement signed in Cotonou on 23.6.2000, as amended on 25.6.2005.

    Decision on the association of the overseas countries and territories (OCTs) with the European Community (Decision 2001/822/EC), which was adopted on 27.11.2001 by the Council of the European Union (EU) and entered into force on 2.12.2001, regarding the implementation of Articles 28, 29 and 30 of Annex IV to the Cotonou Agreement and its Annex, published in OJ L 320 of 23.11.2002.

    This Decision was amended on 19.3.2007 (Decision 2007/249/EC).