GW-Bissau: recruitment of a programme management unit to set up the programme 'Nô pintcha pa Dizinvolvimintu' — 10th EDF programme to support non-state actors — Guinea-Bissau

Organisation text: 
Republic of Guinea-Bissau
Main activities: 
NUTS Code: 
Notice for additional information, information on incomplete procedure or corrigendum
Type of contract: 
Service contract
Bid type: 
Not defined
Awarding procedure: 
Restricted procedure
Award criteria: 
Not defined
Friday, March 11, 2011
Tender cycle: 
Tender ID: 
2011/S 49-79387

Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)

Main object:

98910000 Services specific to international organisations and bodies

Additional object(s):

98130000 Miscellaneous membership organisations services

  • 1. Publication reference:


  • 2. Previous publication(s) in Official Journal S:

    Forecast notice:


    Procurement notice:

    Notice number in OJ: 2010/S 148-227637 of 3.8.2010.

  • 3. Lot number and lot title

    Not provided

  • 4. Value of the contract:

    Contract number: 130222.

    Value of the contract: 700 000 EUR.

  • 5. Date of the contract award:


  • 6. Number of tenders received:


  • 7. Overall score of chosen tender:

    Technical score: 100 %.

    Financial score: 99,4 %.

  • 8. Name, address and nationality of successful tenderer:

    Official name of the leader: Instituto Marques de Valle Flor.

    Nationality of the leader: Portugal.

    Postal address: Instituto Marques de Valle Flor, Rua de S. Nicolau 105, 1100-548 Lisbon, PORTUGAL.

    Official name of others; nationality of others:

    1. CESO, Portugal.

  • 9. Duration of contract:

    36 months.

  • 10. Contracting authority:

    Republic of Guinea-Bissau , Bissau , GUINEA-BISSAU.
  • 11. Legal basis:

    9th or 10th EDF: ACP-EC Partnership Agreement signed in Cotonou on 23.6.2000, as amended.

  • 12. Date of dispatch of this notice:


Low Value Tender: