YT-Mamoudzou: EDF — storage installation for non-hazardous waste — first phase

Organisation text: 
General Council of Mayotte
Main activities: 
NUTS Code: 
Notice for additional information, information on incomplete procedure or corrigendum
Type of contract: 
Bid type: 
Not defined
Awarding procedure: 
Prior information or periodic indicative notice
Award criteria: 
Not defined
Thursday, February 4, 2010
Tender cycle: 
Tender ID: 
2010/S 24-33288

  • 1. Publication reference:


  • 2. Procedure:


  • 3. Programme:


  • 4. Financing:

    Financing agreement No 9PTF MY3/FED/2007/019-392.

  • 5. Contracting authority:

    General Council of Mayotte , Mamoudzou , MAYOTTE.
  • 6. Contract description:

    To carry out the first phase of tank No 1 of the storage installation for non-hazardous waste in Dzoumogne, which includes: excavation, passive sealing, active sealing, management of leachate (networks only), management of rainwater, management of underground water, management of gas flows (networks only), buildings, composting platform, roads and services, general equipment (weighbridge, cleaning area, etc.), green areas.

  • 7. Indicative number and titles of the lots:

    Lot 1: excavation and sealing works;

    lot 2: roads, networks, drainage;

    lot 3: buildings.

  • 8. Scheduled date for publication of the contract notice:

    February 2010.

  • 9. Additional information:

    Estimated duration of the works: 9 months.

  • 10. Legal basis:

    ACP-EU Cotonou Agreement signed on 23.6.2000, as amended on 25.6.2005.

    Decision No 2/2002 of the ACP-EU Council of Ministers published in OJ L 320 of 23.11.2002.

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