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  1. Spain-Bilbao: Collected and purified water (Tender, utilities - summary)

  2. Spain-Madrid: Signage (Extra information)

  3. Spain-Tomares: Activated carbon (Tender, utilities - summary)

  4. Spain-Algeciras: Site-development work (Extra information)

  5. Spain-Dos Hermanas: Landscape gardening services (Contract award - summary)

  6. Spain-Torrejón de Ardoz: Repair and maintenance services of military vehicles (Contract award - summary)

  7. Spain-Torrent: Installation services of line telephony equipment (Contract award - summary)

  8. Spain-Madrid: Banking services (Contract award - summary)

  9. Spain-Valencia: Telephone and data transmission services (Contract award - summary)

  10. Spain-Mérida: Telecommunication consultancy services (Contract award - summary)