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  1. Belgium-Brussels: Multiple framework contract for impact assessments and evaluations ('ex ante', intermediate and 'ex post') in the field of energy (Tender)

  2. Romania-Bucuresti: Cadastral surveying services (Contract award - summary)

  3. France-Bagneux: Benefit services

  4. France-Paris: Evaluation consultancy services

  5. Belgium-Brussels: Study on e-Privacy Directive: assessment and transposition, effectiveness and compatibility with proposed Data Protection Regulation (SMART 2013/0071) (Contract award)

  6. India-New Delhi: Foreign economic-aid-related services (Contract award)

  7. United Kingdom-London: Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services (Contract award)

  8. Latvia-Riga: Evaluation consultancy services (Tender - summary)

  9. Denmark-Copenhagen: Technical analysis or consultancy services (Extra information)

  10. Belgium-Brussels: Study on 'Review of the scope of universal service' — SMART 2014/0011 (Tender)