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  1. Belgium-Geel: Contract for supply of general office and warehouse articles, technical material, equipment and consumables divided into 2 lots (Tender)

  2. Belgium-Geel: Framework contract for the supply of cerium bromide scintillator-based detectors (Contract award)

  3. Belgium-Geel: Services for prevention and protection at work (Contract award)

  4. Belgium-Geel: Supply, installation and maintenance of a fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) system (Contract award)

  5. Belgium-Geel: Framework contract for the online ordering of printer supplies (Contract award)

  6. Belgium-Geel: Supply of a high-resolution ultra-low background high-purity germanium detector (Contract award)

  7. Belgium-Geel: The supply of hygiene materials and products (Contract award)

  8. Belgium-Geel: E-beam evaporator for thin layers (Tender)

  9. Belgium-Geel: Replacement of cooling installations with R22 refrigerant (Contract award)

  10. Belgium-Geel: Supply, installation, training and maintenance of an energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyser (ED-XRF) (Tender)