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  1. Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Refurnishing of the offices of Members of the European Parliament in Brussels (Tender)

    5 November 2015 | OJEU | BELGIUM (BE)
  2. Belgium-Brussels: Purchase and supply of e-books via an electronic platform for the Library of the European Parliament (Contract award)

    25 September 2015 | OJEU | BELGIUM (BE)
  3. Italy-Rome: Daily media monitoring in Italy (Contract award)

    22 September 2015 | OJEU |
  4. Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Maintenance of structural/finishing works for the European Parliament's buildings in Luxembourg (Tender)

  5. Belgium-Brussels: Provision of external expertise on regulatory and policy issues in the fields of environmental policies (lot 1), climate change (lot 2), sustainable development (lot 3), public health (lot 4) and food safety (lot 5) (Contract award)

  6. Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Inspections of the structural work and finishings of the European Parliament buildings in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg — 06A20/2014/M070 (Tender)

  7. Italy-Rome: Daily media monitoring in Italy (Tender)

  8. Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Works to extend the conference room of the Jean Monnet House site in Bazoches-sur-Guyonne and to rehabilitate the property (Contract award)

  9. Belgium-Brussels: Invitation to tender No 06D20/2015/M002 — Refurbishment of the 'Car Reservation Center' in Brussels (Tender)

  10. Belgium-Brussels: AO 06D20/2015/M010 — Refurbishment of area -2b007 in the Paul-Henri Spaak Building (PHS) of the European Parliament in Brussels (Tender)