Poland - Rzeszów: Site preparation work

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Podkarpacki Zarząd Dróg Wojewódzkich
Main activities: 
Notice for additional information, information on incomplete procedure or corrigendum
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Bid type: 
Submission for all lots
Awarding procedure: 
Open procedure
Award criteria: 
The most economic tender
Friday, April 14, 2017
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Tender ID: 
2017/S 074-143346

Podkarpacki Zarząd Dróg Wojewódzkich, ul. T. Boya-Żeleńskiego 19a, For the attention of: Mariusz Górak, Rzeszów 35-105, Poland. Telephone: +48 0178609490. Fax: +48 0178609480. E-mail: wzp@pzdw.pl

(Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, 7.3.2017, 2017/S 046-084965)

CPV:45100000, 45200000, 71300000, 79900000, 45220000, 71310000, 71320000, 71330000, 79990000, 45233121, 45221100, 45233320, 45243510, 45233220, 45233294, 45233290, 45233221, 45111200, 45231300, 45231110, 45231400, 45232310, 45232452, 45233222, 45112710, 45233124, 45236000, 45233140, 44212329, 71322000, 71351914, 79994000

Site preparation work

Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work

Engineering services

Miscellaneous business and business-related services

Engineering works and construction works

Consultative engineering and construction services

Engineering design services

Miscellaneous engineering services

Miscellaneous business-related services

Main road construction works

Construction work for bridges

Foundation work for roads

Embankment works

Surface work for roads

Installation of road signals

Installation of road signs

Road-surface painting work

Site preparation and clearance work

Construction work for water and sewage pipelines

Pipelaying construction work

Construction work for electricity power lines

Construction work for telephone lines

Drainage works

Paving and asphalting works

Landscaping work for green areas

Trunk road construction work



Security screens

Engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works

Archaeological services

Contract administration services

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IV.3.4) Termin składania ofert lub wniosków o dopuszczenie do udziału w postępowaniu:

14.4.2017 (9:00)

IV.3.8) Warunki otwarcia ofert:

24.4.2017 (9:30)


IV.3.4) Termin składania ofert lub wniosków o dopuszczenie do udziału w postępowaniu:

24.4.2017 (9:30)

IV.3.8) Warunki otwarcia ofert:

24.4.2017 (10:00)

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