Luxembourg-Luxembourg: CEI 2015/02/OP/Search — Provision of consultancy, development and hosting services in the search domain

Organisation text: 
Publications Office of the European Union
Main activities: 
General public/services
NUTS Code: 
Notice for additional information, information on incomplete procedure or corrigendum
Type of contract: 
Service contract
Bid type: 
Global tender
Awarding procedure: 
Restricted procedure
Award criteria: 
Not specified
Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - 00:00
Tender cycle: 
Tender ID: 
2015/S 86-154261

Section I: Contracting authority

  • I.1) Name, addresses and contact point(s):

    Publications Office of the European Union , attention: Calls for Tenders, Contracts and Copyright Unit , 2, rue Mercier , 2985 Luxembourg , LUXEMBOURG. Tel. +352 2929-44331 . Fax +352 2929-42672 . E-mail:

    Internet address(es):

    General address of the contracting authority:

    Further information can be obtained from:

    The abovementioned contact point(s).

    Applications must be sent to:

    The abovementioned contact point(s).

  • I.2) Type of the contracting authority:

    European institution/agency or international organisation.

  • I.3) Main activity:

    General public services.

  • I.4) Contract award on behalf of other contracting authorities:

    The contracting authority is purchasing on behalf of other contracting authorities: no.

Section II: Object of the call for expressions of interest

  • II.1) Title attributed to the call for expressions of interest:

    CEI 2015/02/OP/Search — Provision of consultancy, development and hosting services in the search domain

  • II.2) Type of contract and location of works, place of delivery or of performance:


    Service category No 7: Computer and related services.

    Main site or location of works, place of delivery or of performance:

    On the contractor's premises, on the Publications Office's premises or on the premises of another institution or body of the European Union, depending on the nature of the work. The Publications Office's premises are located in Luxembourg.

  • II.3) Description of the field or fields covered by the call for expressions of interest:

    The aim of this call for expressions of interest is to provide consultancy, development and hosting services for the Publications Office in the field of search.

    The services that may be requested are (non-exhaustive list, candidates must be able to provide a minimum of 1 service from each of the 3 categories mentioned below):

    a) consultancy on:

    — architecture, design, installation, configuration, migration, performance and maintenance related to open or proprietary search engine technology (a non-exhaustive product list, e.g. IDOL, Elastic Search, SOLR Lucene, GSA),

    — designing data models for search services,

    — validating search services provided by the Publications Office's third party contractors,

    — fault detection and performance evaluation,

    — search engine improvements on relevancy (baseline definition, metrics, methodology, evaluation),

    — semantic search solutions,

    — content processing,

    — query pre-processing,

    — defining metrics to evaluate quality of the search (including search log analysis),

    — search engine optimisation (exploiting SEO for search purposes, incorporate off-site input into relevancy);

    b) development of:

    — migration projects to new search architectures,

    — performance and maintenance services,

    — content preparation for search,

    — semantic solutions,

    — solutions to evaluate the quality of the relevancy configuration and implementation of the corrective measures (continuous improvement cycle),

    — solutions to generate search statistics and reports,

    — trend analysis and capacity planning;

    c) hosting of the search service.

    According to the nature of the services required, the Publications Office may also request software development in any of the listed services.

  • II.4) Information about lots:

    This call for expressions of interest is divided into lots: no.

  • II.5) Information about subcontracting:

    The subcontracting is accepted: yes.

    Conditions for subcontracting:

    1. A candidate/tenderer wishing to make use of subcontracting has to submit for approval of the Publications Office the following documents:

    a) declaration on the grounds of exclusion, covering the exclusion criteria of point IV.2, signed by the legal representative of the proposed subcontractor;

    b) a letter of intent, signed by the legal representative of the proposed subcontractor, stating:

    — intention of the company to collaborate with the candidate/tenderer, if the latter is awarded the contract,

    — roles and responsibilities of the subcontractor.

    The Publications Office reserves the right to ask for additional documents in order to verify whether the proposed subcontractor is not subject to exclusion.

    2. The documents concerning subcontracting shall be submitted by the candidates/tenderers at the latest when submitting an offer in the future procurement procedure based on the list resulting from this call for expressions of interest. When submitting an offer, tenderers will need to state explicitly the proportion of the proposed subcontracted tasks (in %) against the total volume of the tasks to be assigned under the procedure in question.

    3. Finally, if the subcontracting is approved by the Publications Office, the contractor remains fully liable towards the Publications Office for the proper performance of the contract as a whole. Accordingly:

    — the Publications Office will treat all contractual matters (e.g. payment) exclusively with the contractor, whether or not the tasks are performed by a subcontractor,

    — under no circumstances can the contractor avoid liability towards the Publications Office on the grounds that the subcontractor is at fault.

  • II.6) Common procurement vocabulary (CPV):

    72600000 — JA17, JA06.

  • II.7) Additional Information:

    Individuals or organisations who are interested in having their name entered on a list of potential contractors are invited to submit an application in accordance with the rules set out in point VI.1).

    Upon examination of the applications received the contracting authority will draw up a list of potential contractors who may be invited to reply to specific invitations to tender in the future. The list resulting from this notice will be used for public contracts of the following type:

    — service contracts under Annex IIA to Directive 2004/18/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, except for research and development contracts in category 8 of that Annex worth less than the threshold in the Directive (as of 1.1.2014, this threshold is 134 000 EUR). It may also be used for low-value contracts.

    Each time a specific contract is to be concluded the contracting authority will send the specifications to the applicants on the list. The list drawn up following this notice will be used solely for contracts whose estimated value is below the thresholds mentioned above.

    Inclusion on a list of potential contractors does not guarantee in any way that the contracting authority will invite any contractor to tender for any contract.

Section III: Legal, economic, financial and technical information

  • III.1) Legal form to be taken by the grouping of suppliers, contractors or service providers to whom a contract might be awarded:

    If the contract is awarded to a grouping, the latter must take on a legal form prior to contract signature if it will act as a sole service provider or designate one of its members as a group leader to represent the other members. The members of the grouping must be jointly liable for any contract with the European Union based on the list.

    Where a grouping is involved, the criteria in point IV.3) will apply both to the grouping as a whole and to its individual members:

    — for the exclusion criteria,

    — and for the parts of the selection criteria which concern the professional competence and economic standing of the company,

    but only to the grouping as a whole for the parts of the selection criteria which concern the technical capability.

  • III.2) Economic and financial standing:

    See point IV.3)(f).

  • III.3) Technical competence:

    See points IV.3)(d) and (e).

  • III.4) Professional competence:

    See point IV.3)(c).

Section IV: Procedure

  • IV.1) Type of procedure:


  • IV.2) Grounds for exclusion:

    Applicants shall be excluded from participating in a contract if:

    (a) they are bankrupt, being wound up or have suspended business activities, their affairs are being administered by the court, they have entered into an arrangement with creditors or similar measures or are the subject of any proceedings of that nature, or are in any analogous situation arising from a similar procedure provided for in national legislation or regulations;

    (b) they have been convicted of an offence concerning their professional conduct by a judgment which is not open to appeal;

    (c) they have been guilty of grave professional misconduct;

    (d) they have not fulfilled obligations relating to the payment of social security contributions or taxes;

    (e) they are guilty of serious misrepresentation in supplying the information required by the authorising department;

    (f) other:

    Where a grouping is involved the exclusion criteria will apply both to the grouping as a whole and to its individual members.

    Candidates must attest that they are not in any of the aforementioned situations by filling in and signing the form 'Declaration of honour on exclusion criteria and absence of conflict of interest' which covers the exclusion criteria of this point and is available on the website of the Publications Office: under the title 'Calls for expressions of interest'. The contracting authority may ask for evidence concerning this information if there is doubt if the tenderer to whom the contract is to be awarded is in one of the situations of exclusion.

  • IV.3) Selection criteria:

    The assessment of professional competence, economic standing and technical capability will be based on the following miscellaneous information and various documents which must be submitted by candidates:

    (a) an identification sheet for the firm, stating the corporate names, legal status, address, telephone and fax numbers, VAT number and bank details (the following form available on the website of the Publications Office under the title 'Calls for expressions of interest' has to be filled in: 'Identification form');

    (b) a clear statement concerning the lowest value at which the candidates will consider any contract for which they wish to be consulted (if applicable);

    (c) a brief note of a maximum of 5 pages giving details of their activities, related to the scope of this call;

    (d) a description of candidates' average annual manpower for the past 2 years in related projects and any other information concerning their resources which demonstrates that they are in a position to carry out the services;

    (e) a description of at least 3 projects provided over the past 2 years in the field of search. The following details must be given for each project:

    — brief description of the project (goals, technology, outstanding achievements),

    — total value of the project,

    — total number of man-days provided by candidate's own technical staff per profile,

    — principal location for execution of the project,

    — start and completion dates,

    — customer's particulars,

    — working language(s) used;

    (f) a statement showing the overall annual turnover, and annual turnover for the search field, for the past 2 financial years.

  • IV.4) Administrative information

    • IV.4.1) File reference number:

      CEI 2015/02/OP/Search.

    • IV.4.2) Period of validity of the list resulting from this call for expressions of interest:

      The list will be valid for 3 years from the date on which this notice is sent to the Publications Office of the European Union.

      Applications to appear on this list may be submitted at any time during the period of validity of this list, with the exception of the last 3 months of that period.

    • IV.4.3) Time limit for the submission of applications:


    • IV.4.4) Language(s) in which applications may be submitted:

      Any EU official language.

Section VI: Complementary information

  • VI.1) Presentation and submission of applications:

    Candidates may choose to either send their application by post or to deliver it directly or via any representative of theirs, including private courier services. All the information and documents described in points II.5), IV.2) and IV.3) must be enclosed with the application.

    The following must be written on the envelope: 'Call for expressions of interest 2015/02/OP/Search'. Candidates must also write their name on the envelope. Within 4 weeks following reception of the application the candidates will be informed if it has been accepted, or not.

    The file must contain all the documents needed to prove the candidates' fitness for inclusion on the list in terms of the criteria given in points IV.2 and IV.3.

  • VI.3) Date of dispatch of this notice:


Low Value Tender: