Sourcing and Supply of Books to Her Majesty’s Prison Service Establishments in England and Wales

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Ministry of Justice
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 00:00
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The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has established an initial list of approved retailers to source and supply the delivery of books to offenders in Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMPS) establishments in England and Wales. Offenders’ friends and family are able
to arrange for books to be sourced and sent to offenders via an approved retailer. This notice gives further information for retailers who are interested in applying to be on the list of approved retailers. The rationale for restricting the sourcing and supply
of books from friends and family to a list of approved retailers is to ensure the protection and safety of prisons, offenders and those who work in prisons. Approved retailers must source and supply books, rather than deliver books sourced from the general
public. In other words, approved retailers will not be delivery companies but must source the books as well as deliver or arrange delivery. Delivery must be by a widely recognised delivery company, such as Royal Mail, UPS, Parcel Force, DHL Express, and appropriate
measures must be taken by the retailer to ensure the security of delivery. The MoJ is seeking to ensure coverage across HMPS establishments in England and Wales and a diverse range of books. It is also seeking a wide range of access for offenders’ friends
and families including web-based access and access via walk-in high street shops. Large international or national retailers, regional retailers, local retailers and independent retailers who also supply audio books, books in large font sizes and books in foreign
languages are encouraged to be on the list of approved retailers. At this stage, the number of approved retailers will not be limited. Only retailers who the MoJ considers meet the criteria listed in the Retailer Response Form will be included on the approved
list. The MoJ does not consider that this arrangement is a public contract or concession but is publishing this notice on a voluntary basis. Being on the list of approved retailers does not give rise to a contractual relationship with the MoJ or any liability
of the MoJ to retailers. The MoJ will not enter into contract with or pay retailers so the contract value in this notice is stated to be £0. Retailers will generate their revenue through this opportunity through orders from offenders’ friends and family.

Additional Information

How to Apply: Retailers who wish to be considered for inclusion on the list of approved retailers must complete the attached Retailer Response Form, providing the requested information and confirming that they meet the criteria listed. The completed form should be submitted
to The MoJ will notify you whether you have been included on the approved list. Please note that the MoJ may continue to request additional information from retailers in order to verify that they continue to meet the criteria
and may take account of this additional information in determining whether they continue to meet the criteria. There is no deadline for responding to this notice as the MoJ intends that the list will remain open for retailers to apply to be included. The MoJ
intends to review the list every 6 months. The MoJ reserves the right to remove retailers from the approved list where it considers that a retailer no longer meets the criteria.

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