Belgium-Brussels: Request for establishments offering accommodation to make their rooms available for officials and other staff of the European Commission/EU agencies at prices which do not exceed the statutory limit

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European Commission, PMO
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Notice for additional information, information on incomplete procedure or corrigendum
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Service contract
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Not specified
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Sunday, October 7, 2018 - 00:00
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2014/S 202-356133

  • 1. Contact point at the European Commission:

    European Commission, PMO , attention: Mr Vanderstraeten, Head of Unit PMO2 , rue d'Arlon 88 , 1049 Brussels , BELGIUM. Tel. +32 22966499 .
  • 2. Object of this request:

    All officials and staff of the European Commission/EU agencies travelling on mission with a signed travel order are eligible for reimbursement of the expenses they have incurred as part of their mission and within the limits of the statutory provisions in force. More specifically, they are entitled to seek reimbursement of accommodation costs arising from their mission. The basic principle is that officials and other staff of the European Commission/EU agencies are free to choose their accommodation facilities — officially designated for that purpose — providing they observe a daily financial limit.

    PMO2 would like to compile lists of hotel establishments as defined in national legislation (hotels, hotel chains and aparthotels) offering rooms at prices which do not exceed the statutory limit (as defined in point 8) for use by officials and other staff of the European Commission/EU agencies on mission.

    These lists are to be widely publicised among officials and other staff of the European Commission/EU agencies.

    A targeted communication drive will alert officials and other staff to the benefits of making use of the facilities detailed in the list (service quality, applicable prices, ease of management). Best-priced accommodation facilities may thus reasonably expect to see a rise in the number of their guests.

    Inclusion of these accommodation facilities on the list is, however, in no way binding upon the European Commission or upon officials and other staff. No contract or agreement shall be signed by the Commission. Officials and other staff will still be free to choose their accommodation facilities, regardless of whether or not they appear on the lists proposed.

    Operators who express their interest by communicating the number of available rooms at prices not exceeding the statutory limits (including taxes), given in point 8, shall undertake to offer these prices to officials and other staff.

    Hotels, hotel chains and aparthotels wishing to participate must register in the Commission's web portal: and complete the fields shown.

    A response will be sent to all facilities that have responded to this request to inform them as to whether or not they have been included on the list. Any interested party which has not been included may reapply within 6 months of notification of the response.

  • 3. Type:

    This notice is a request for offering rooms at applicable prices to officials and other staff of the European Commission/EU agencies on mission in the countries listed in point 8.

    Notwithstanding the provisions referred to in point 6 of this request, the proposed services and applicable prices will be detailed in 1 or more lists, valid for 4 years from the date on which the application has been validated in the web application.

    All the establishments are requested to express their interest in line with the provisions of this notice, indicating a point of contact with PMO2. PMO will include on the lists those participants that meet the criteria mentioned in this notice — price, location, compliance with national legislation — and successfully register in the web portal.

    Personal data will be processed in conformity with Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data. This data and the responses provided may only be processed for the purposes of evaluating documents received by PMO.

    Details on the processing of personal data are available at:

  • 4. Location:

    Establishments that may express their interest are hotels, hotel chains and aparthotels in the countries listed in point 8 of this request.

  • 5. List categories:

    The following categories are to appear on the lists:

    — hotels,

    — aparthotels,

    and each establishment must comply with relevant national legislation in its category.

  • 6. Other information for hotel establishments (and similar):

    6.1. The supporting documents and invoices issued by these establishments to officials and other staff must comply with national legislation.

    These establishments must immediately inform PMO via the web portal of any changes entailing their inability to comply with the price criterion specified in the request.

    6.2. Prices offered may be revised.

    6.3. Establishments that wish to be removed from the list must use the relevant function in the web application.

    6.4. This request will be valid for 4 years from the date of dispatch of this notice to the Publications Office of the European Union.

  • 7. Procedure:

    Establishments are requested to register in the web portal and complete the fields shown.

  • 8. Statutory limits:

    Destination; maximum accommodation costs (in EUR):

    Afghanistan; 75;

    South Africa; 145;

    Albania; 160;

    Algeria; 85;

    Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; 160;

    Andorra*, 126,57;

    Angola; 175;

    Anguilla; 140;

    Antigua and Barbuda; 140;

    Netherlands Antilles; 185;

    Saudi Arabia; 195;

    Argentina; 210;

    Armenia; 210;

    Aruba; 185;

    Australia; 135;

    Azerbaijan; 200;

    Bahamas; 115;

    Bahrain; 195;

    Bangladesh; 140;

    Barbados; 140;

    Belarus; 135;

    Belize; 135;

    Benin; 100;

    Bermuda; 140;

    Bhutan; 130;

    Bolivia; 100;

    Bonaire; 185;

    Bosnia and Herzegovina; 135;

    Botswana; 135;

    Brazil; 180;

    Brunei; 165;

    Burkina Faso; 90;

    Burundi; 115;

    Cayman Islands; 135;

    Cambodia; 115;

    Cameroon; 105;

    Canada; 165;

    Cape Verde; 75;

    Central African Republic; 80;

    Chile; 175;

    China; 155;

    West Bank and Gaza Strip; 110;

    Colombia; 120;

    Comoros; 85;

    Congo (Democratic Republic of the); 140;

    Congo (Republic of the); 115;

    Cook Islands; 135;

    Korea (North), Democratic People's Republic of; 180;

    Korea (South), Republic of; 200;

    Costa Rica; 140;

    Côte d'Ivoire; 130;

    Cuba; 150;

    Djibouti; 170;

    Dominican Republic; 170;

    Dominica; 140;

    Egypt; 140;

    El Salvador; 125;

    United Arab Emirates; 195;

    Ecuador; 140;

    Eritrea; 80;

    United States of America (other); 200;

    United States of America (New York); 275;

    Ethiopia; 145;

    Fiji; 120;

    Gabon; 115;

    The Gambia; 120;

    Georgia; 215;

    Ghana; 140;

    Grenada; 140;

    Guadeloupe; 115;

    Guam; 135;

    Guatemala; 125;

    Equatorial Guinea; 85;

    Guinea, Republic of; 135;

    Guinea-Bissau; 90;

    Guyana; 160;

    French Guiana; 140;

    Haiti; 125;

    Honduras; 125;

    Hong Kong; 205;

    India; 195;

    Indonesia; 145;

    Indonesia — Timor; 110;

    Iran, Islamic Republic of; 145;

    Iraq; 85;

    Iceland; 160;

    Israel; 210;

    Jamaica; 170;

    Japan; 275;

    Jordan; 135;

    Kazakhstan; 175;

    Kenya; 165;

    Kyrgyzstan; 180;

    Kiribati; 145;

    Kuwait; 195;

    Laos; 145;

    Lesotho; 100;

    Lebanon; 190;

    Liberia; 150;

    Libya, Jamahiriya ar.; 175;

    Liechtenstein; 95;

    Macao; 95;

    Madagascar; 105;

    Malaysia; 200;

    Malawi; 165;

    Maldives; 135;

    Mali; 95;

    Northern Mariana Islands; 135;

    Morocco; 130;

    Marshall Islands; 135;

    Martinique; 110;

    Mauritius, Republic of; 140;

    Mauritania; 75;

    Mayotte; 110;

    Mexico; 185;

    Micronesia; 135;

    Moldova; 170;

    Monaco*; 97,27;

    Mongolia; 90;

    Montserrat; 140;

    Mozambique; 140;

    Myanmar; 75;

    Namibia; 85;

    Nauru; 135;

    Nepal; 135;

    Nicaragua; 135;

    Niger; 75;

    Nigeria; 185;

    Niue; 135;

    Norway; 140;

    New Caledonia; 135;

    New Zealand; 125;

    Oman; 135;

    Uganda; 180;

    Uzbekistan; 155;

    Pakistan; 130;

    Palau; 135;

    Panama; 160;

    Papua New Guinea; 135;

    Paraguay; 140;

    Peru; 135;

    Philippines; 150;

    French Polynesia; 135;

    Puerto Rico; 140;

    Qatar; 135;

    Réunion; 90;

    Russia; 275;

    Rwanda; 160;

    Saint Kitts and Nevis; 185;

    Saint Lucia; 140;

    San Marino*; 114,33;

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; 190

    Solomon Islands; 120;

    Samoa; 135;

    American Samoa; 135;

    São Tomé and Príncipe; 95;

    Senegal; 135;

    Seychelles; 140;

    Sierra Leone; 135;

    Singapore; 150;

    Somalia; 125;

    Sudan; 215;

    South Sudan; 145;

    Sri Lanka; 105;

    Sint Maarten; 185;

    Switzerland; 140;

    Suriname; 125;

    Swaziland; 90;

    Syria; 145;

    Tajikistan; 110;

    Taiwan, province of China; 200;

    Tanzania; 200;

    Chad; 145;

    Thailand; 145;

    Timor-Leste; 110;

    Togo; 95;

    Tokelau, islands; 135;

    Tonga; 105;

    Trinidad and Tobago; 115;

    Tunisia; 85;

    Turkmenistan; 150;

    Turks and Caicos Islands, 135;

    Turkey; 165;

    Tuvalu; 135;

    Ukraine; 190;

    Uruguay; 160;

    Vanuatu; 110;

    Vatican*; 114,33;

    Venezuela; 125;

    US Virgin Islands (United States); 140;

    British Virgin Islands (United Kingdom); 140;

    Vietnam; 205;

    Wallis and Futuna; 135;

    Yemen; 165;

    Yugoslavia, Federal Republic (Serbia and Montenegro); 140;

    Zambia; 135;

    Zimbabwe; 115;

    Other countries; 145.

    * geographically connected to the corresponding countries: — Andorra: Spain — Monaco: France — San Marino: Italy — Vatican: Italy.

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