Madagascar-Antananarivo: Technical assistance for the project entitled "Ny Fanjakàna Ho an'ny Daholobe"

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European Union
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Notice for additional information, information on incomplete procedure or corrigendum
Type of contract: 
Service contract
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Not applicable
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Not applicable
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Not specified
Saturday, September 27, 2014
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2014/S 186-327019

  • 1. Publication reference:


  • 2. Procedure:

    International restricted procedure.

  • 3. Programme title:

    "Ny Fanjakàna Ho an'ny Daholobe" — NFD A government for the benefit of everyone.

  • 4. Financing:

    Financing agreement 2013/024-542.

  • 5. Contracting authority:

    European Union , represented by the European Commission, acting in the name and on behalf of the beneficiary country, Antananarivo , MADAGASCAR.
  • 6. Nature of contract:

    Unit-price contract.

  • 7. Contract description:

    This contract involves permanent and short/medium-term technical assistance for a project to assist with strengthening the effectiveness of the Malagasy government in general. It will run for 80 months and include assistance in various fields: public finance (particularly budget preparation, strengthening internal and external auditing, strengthening state property management), combatting corruption, strengthening the management of state human resources (assisting with setting up integrated systems for public finance management and forward-looking staff management); computerisation and strengthening of justice (criminal justice chain, administrative and financial courts), etc.

  • 8. Indicative budget:

    8 450 000 EUR.

  • 9. Intended timing of publication of procurement notice:


  • 10. Additional information:

    Not applicable.

  • 11. Legal basis:

    ACP-EC Partnership Agreement signed in Cotonou on 23.6.2000, as amended on 25.6.2005 and 22.6.2010 (Annex IV).


At least 30 calendar days must elapse between publication of this prior information notice and publication of the contract notice.

Natural or legal persons interested should not therefore send proposals or requests for information at this stage.

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