Dominica-Roseau: DCI — Procurement of supplies to enhance plant nutrition/good husbandry practices

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The Commonwealth of Dominica
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Notice for additional information, information on incomplete procedure or corrigendum
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Supply contract
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Not applicable
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Not applicable
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Not specified
Saturday, September 28, 2013
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2013/S 189-325040

Common procurement vocabulary (CPV):

Main object:

03100000 Agricultural and horticultural products

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  • 2. Procedure:


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  • 4. Financing:

    Financing agreement.

  • 5. Contracting authority:

    The Commonwealth of Dominica , Roseau , DOMINICA.
  • 6. Nature of contract

    Not provided

  • 7. Contract description:

    Dominica is one of the last commercial banana-producing countries in the Western hemisphere/Caribbean where black sigatoka, a devastating fungal disease on banana and plantain leaves, was recently introduced. The country still depends on bananas as an export crop which serves to enhance many rural livelihoods.

    The Division of Agriculture has developed a comprehensive management plan for the control of the disease. This plan involves numerous management practices including field sanitation, removal of affected leaves, destruction of affected abandoned fields, fungicidal treatment of bananas and plantains and the improvement in plant health which are ongoing. The banana accompanying measures (BAMs) under activity 3 — enhancement of risk management systems and through this contract will specifically assist with the pesticide treatment and the improvement of plant health by procuring the necessary inputs needed to effectively manage the disease. The inputs required by the Division of Agriculture includes a range of varying pesticides (propiconazole, fenpropimorph, azoxystrobin, spiroxamine, pyrimethanil, petroleum oil and systemic herbicides) which will be rotated to avoid the fungus from developing resistance to fungicides; fertilisers and soil additives (437 500 kg) to assist with the improvement in plant health and leaf emergence which is necessary both to increase the plant's ability to combat the disease and the desired productivity of the plant. Hence this supply contract will procure the necessary supplies to enhance the black sigatoka management plan.

  • 8. Numbers and titles of lots:

    The contract is divided into lots:

    Yes, number of lots: 3.

    Lot 1: procurement of fertilisers/soil additives to enhance plant nutrition.

    Lot 2: procurement of pesticides to enhance good husbandry practices.

    Lot 3: procurement of petroleum oil to enhance good husbandry practices.

  • 9. Budget

    Not provided

  • 10. Intended timing of publication of procurement notice:

    October 2013.

  • 11. Additional information

    Not provided

  • 12. Legal basis:

    Banana accompanying measures.

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There must be a minimum period of 30 calendar days between the publication of this contract forecast and the publication of the corresponding procurement notice.

No applications or requests for information should be sent at this stage.

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