Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Call for expression of interest in contracts for legal services pertaining to Italian law

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European Parliament, Legal Service
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Notice for additional information, information on incomplete procedure or corrigendum
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Service contract
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Not specified
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Not specified
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Not specified
Saturday, September 21, 2013
Sunday, September 10, 2023 - 00:00
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2013/S 184-316792

  • 1. Authorising department:

    European Parliament, Legal Service , Konrad Adenauer Building, plateau de Kirchberg , 2929 Luxembourg , LUXEMBOURG. Tel. +352 4300-22646 . Fax +352 4300-432307 .
  • 2. Type:

    Call for expressions of interest.

    Any lawyer wishing to apply for inclusion on the list of interested parties is invited to do so in accordance with the provisions in this notice.

    The authorising department referred to in point 1 above will include on the list all the applications meeting the criteria in point 8 below.

    The authorising department will send the relevant information and the invitation to tender for each possible contract in one of the fields referred to in point 3 either to all the candidates on the list, or to certain selected candidates who meet the pre-qualification criteria for the contract concerned.

    The list resulting from this notice will be used solely for contracts for legal services pertaining to Italian law and/or European Parliament legal assistance for Italian or EU courts.

    There is no guarantee that those included on the list may be offered a contract. The call for expressions of interest aims to enable the European Parliament to handle more quickly any unforeseen legal problems it might be confronted with.

  • 3.a) Fields covered by the call for expressions of interest:

    The list resulting from this notice may be used for service contracts involving studies and/or defending the interests of the European Parliament, its members or its officials and staff, in 1 or more of the following fields:

    Italian law 14: defamation (criminal prosecution and/or civil action) — right of reply;

    Italian law 15: criminal law — fraud, breach of trust, abuse of position;

    Italian law 16: media law (enforcement of offences in the media concerning defamation, privacy rules, including right of image, data protection, procedures before national press councils, right of reply).

  • 3.b) Type of contracts concerned:

    Provision of legal services.

  • 4.

    The legal services are to be provided on the co-contractor's business premises except, if necessary, ad hoc participation in meetings on the European Parliament's or third party's premises, or performing tasks entailing European Parliament assistance before any competent court in order to become acquainted with the disputed claims in connection with the service field in question.

  • 5.

    The list will be opened on 31.10.2013 and remain valid for an indefinite period.

    The list will remain open, meaning that new applications can be examined on a continuous basis.

  • 6. Legal form required for successful tenderers:

    No particular requirement is envisaged in this respect.

    • 7.a). Address for dispatch of applications:

      European Parliament, Legal Service, Calls for expressions of interest 'Lawyers', Office 6 A 007, Konrad Adenauer Building, plateau de Kirchberg, 2929 Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG.

    • 7.b). Procedures for the delivery, dispatch or submission of applications, including all the information, formalities and documents listed in point 8:

      All expressions of interest must quote reference 'SJ-665/12'.

      The candidate may choose to submit his expression of interest:

      — either by registered post sent to the address given in point 7(a),

      — or by delivering it to the European Parliament, Mail and Registration Service, Konrad Adenauer Building, Office 00D001, 2929 Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG, between 9:00 and 12:00, from Monday to Friday, working days. Deliveries may be made directly by any interested party or by a representative, including private courier service. Delivery will be attested to by a dated receipt signed by an official from the Mail and Registration Service who takes delivery of the documents.

  • 7.c)

    The letter of expression of interest shall clearly and specifically detail, by referring to the references and terms of the list given in point 3(a), the field(s) in which the candidate is able to provide services.

  • 8.a) Selection criteria:

    — Aptitude to practise as a lawyer,

    — at least 3 years' professional experience in the field(s) in which the application is being submitted,

    — membership of a Bar in Italy.

  • 8.b) Documents and information which the application package must contain:

    — Detailed curriculum vitae for those individuals likely to provide services on behalf of the European Parliament. This should specify, in particular, academic and professional training, experience in relation to the field in which the application is being submitted, and the date of registration with the Bar,

    — bases of calculation (hourly or lump sum) for the fees in euros, including all charges (the VAT amount is to be specified),

    — full details of the different categories of costs not covered by the fees and their methods of calculation and reimbursement (actual costs, lump sums).

  • 9. Remarks:

    a) The authorising department reserves the right to automatically discard applications which are incomplete, vague or insufficiently documented;

    b) membership of a particular Bar may constitute an additional selection criterion depending on the specific object of certain contracts;

    c) likewise, provision of certain services may not be entrusted to candidates who have had professional relations with particular natural persons or legal entities. These additional conditions will be specified by the European Parliament as required;

    d) submission of an application implies acceptance of automated processing of the corresponding relevant data, in compliance with the rules applicable in this matter, in particular Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 of 18.12.2000 OJ L 8, 12.1.2001, p. 1.

  • 10. Date of dispatch of the notice:


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