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Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Wednesday, May 9, 2012 - 12:00
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The requirement is to put in place a training course (estimated to be half a day or 3 hours in duration and classroom based) and provision of relevant materials and aids, and offered on a call-off basis. The aims (or learning outcomes) of the course being:

- Understand typical contractual obligations and translate these to practical steps (using some Ofgem case study examples)

- Appreciate what constitutes good governance arrangements

- How to identify common pitfalls and how these can be avoided

- Ensure effective control and management of costs and risks

- Ensure deliverables are met to quality and timeline expectations

- What qualities, skills, competencies, professional knowledge and aptitudes should a competent contract manager possess?

Tenderers should note that we are a public body and as such the training material should take this into account and ensure that relevant guidance and best practice from Government Procurement and National Audit Office is embedded within the training. For
instance, NAO guidance from 2008 (unless superseded):

Tenderers can propose alternative durations and delivery methods for the training but in doing so will be expected to provide justification/rationale and an outline of the benefits of doing so. Tenderers should propose optimum class size for this training.

The proposal should also include a plan for evaluating the impact of the training and how the key principles should be embedded.

We would expect the case studies to cover the mechanics of the evolutionary steps from informing the scope, contributing to the evaluation of bidders and selection of successful supplier to then managing the contractual relationship following contract award
and certifying of invoices for payment and managing the budget.

We would expect that as part of the scoping stage a meeting would be held at our London office where Ofgem would be represented by the Head of Procurement and colleagues from HR’s L&D function and Project Management team and possibly our Finance and Risk
Management team.

We anticipate the training course and core material to be fairly standardised but tailored to suit Ofgem’s internal governance arrangements and way of doing things.

Given the limitation of time for face-to-face delivery we would expect some of the training material to comprise part of a ‘pre-read’ with reinforcement of the key learning points during the training session.

After the delivery of at least six sessions Ofgem would like this training developed into an ‘off the shelf’ package and the materials and trainer’s notes should be formed into a suitable package to enable this form of delivery, perhaps in the form of a
MS Powerpoint presentation.

(MT Ref:88313)

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Contact: Genevieve D'Souza
9 Millbank,Procurement
Tel: +44 2079017000


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