Public Tenders

Latest tenders

  1. India-New Delhi: Transport services (excl. Waste transport) (Tender)

  2. United Kingdom-London: Health and social work services (Contract award, utilities)

  3. United Kingdom-London: Security services (Contract award, utilities)

  4. United Kingdom-London: Refuse and waste related services (Contract award, utilities)

  5. United Kingdom-Milton Keynes: Refuse and waste related services (Tender, utilities)

  6. United Kingdom-London: Parts of locomotives or rolling stock (Contract award, utilities)

  7. United Kingdom-Bristol: Low-voltage cable (Contract award, utilities)

  8. United Kingdom-Bristol: Medium-voltage cable (Contract award, utilities)

  9. United Kingdom-Bristol: Low-voltage cable (Contract award, utilities)

  10. United Kingdom-Bristol: Low-voltage cable (Contract award, utilities)

  11. United Kingdom-Milton Keynes: 4-wheel-drive vehicles (Tender, utilities)

  12. United Kingdom-Grimsby: Structures construction work (Extra information)

  13. United Kingdom-Bristol: Sonars

  14. United Kingdom-Bristol: Air defence radar

  15. United Kingdom-Bristol: Repair and maintenance services of testing apparatus

  16. United Kingdom-Somerset: Recreational, cultural and sporting services

  17. United Kingdom-Winsford: IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

  18. United Kingdom-London: Recruitment services (Simplified contract)

  19. United Kingdom-London: Lift-maintenance services (Contract award)

  20. United Kingdom-Edinburgh: Accommodation, building and window cleaning services (Contract award)

  21. United Kingdom-Liverpool: Software implementation services (Contract award)

  22. United Kingdom-Stretford: Transport systems consultancy services (Contract award)

  23. United Kingdom-Croydon: Security services (Contract award)

  24. United Kingdom-York: Research and development services and related consultancy services (Contract award)

  25. United Kingdom-Huddersfield: Lift-maintenance services (Contract award)

  26. United Kingdom-London: Building services (Contract award)

  27. United Kingdom-Glasgow: Research and development consultancy services (Contract award)

  28. United Kingdom-Durham: Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services (Contract award)

  29. United Kingdom-Sutton: Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security (Contract award)

  30. United Kingdom-Twickenham: Advertising and marketing services (Contract award)