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  1. United Kingdom-Luton: Software package and information systems (Tender, utilities)

  2. United Kingdom-London: Technical inspection and testing services (Tender, utilities)

  3. United Kingdom-Cardiff: Cranes

  4. United Kingdom-Durham: Road furniture (Contract award, utilities)

  5. United Kingdom-Coventry: Passenger cars (Contract award, utilities)

  6. United Kingdom-Peterborough: Network servers (Tender, utilities)

  7. United Kingdom-Bristol: Public utilities (Tender, utilities)

    16 May 2015 | OJEU | UNITED KINGDOM (UK)
    CPV codes...this document contains more than 3 CPV codes
  8. United Kingdom-London: Electricity (Tender, utilities)

  9. United Kingdom-New Penshaw: Overhead electrical equipment (Periodic indicative utilities)

  10. United Kingdom-Bristol: Air-to-air missiles

  11. United Kingdom-Cardiff: Energy and related services

  12. United Kingdom-Andover: Training services

  13. United Kingdom-Glasgow: Business analysis consultancy services (Contract award)

  14. United Kingdom-Cardiff: Health services (Contract award)

  15. United Kingdom-Belfast: Storage and retrieval services (Contract award)

  16. United Kingdom-Sheffield: Education and training services (Contract award)

  17. United Kingdom-Harrow: Business and management consultancy and related services (Contract award)

  18. United Kingdom-Middlesbrough: Real estate services (Contract award)

  19. United Kingdom-Glenrothes: Public-service buses (Contract award)

  20. United Kingdom-Llantrisant: Telecommunications services (Contract award)

  21. United Kingdom-London: Research and development services and related consultancy services (Contract award)

  22. United Kingdom-Winchester: Business and management consultancy and related services (Contract award)

  23. United Kingdom-Rhyl: Social work and related services (Contract award)

  24. United Kingdom-Scunthorpe: Road-inspection services (Contract award)

  25. United Kingdom-Belfast: Insurance services (Contract award)

  26. United Kingdom-Ipswich: Financial auditing services (Contract award)

  27. United Kingdom-Bakewell: Insurance services (Contract award)

  28. United Kingdom-Lochgilphead: Wide area network services (Contract award)

  29. United Kingdom-London: Recreational, cultural and sporting services (Contract award)

  30. United Kingdom-London: Non-scheduled passenger transport (Contract award)