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  1. United Kingdom-London: Letumo SE (Extra information)

    18 December 2014 | OJEU | UNITED KINGDOM (UK)
  2. United Kingdom-Birmingham: Other sources of energy supplies and distribution (Extra information)

  3. United Kingdom-Northwood: Ship-piloting services

  4. United Kingdom-London: Pension fund administration services

  5. United Kingdom-Hatfield: Security services (Contract award)

  6. United Kingdom-London: Data storage services (Contract award)

  7. United Kingdom-Leeds: Health and social work services (Contract award)

  8. United Kingdom-Bath: Motion picture and video production services (Contract award)

  9. United Kingdom-Worcester: Tree-maintenance services (Contract award)

  10. United Kingdom-Leeds: Welfare services for children and young people (Contract award)

  11. United Kingdom-London: Magazines (Contract award)

  12. United Kingdom-Bristol: Marine research services (Contract award)

  13. United Kingdom-London: Social work and related services (Contract award)

  14. United Kingdom-Richmond: Financial and insurance services (Contract award)

  15. United Kingdom-Carmarthen: Housing services (Contract award)

  16. United Kingdom-Hatfield: Security equipment (Contract award)

  17. United Kingdom-Kings Lynn: Aircraft equipment (Contract award)

  18. United Kingdom-London: Communications infrastructure (Contract award)

  19. United Kingdom-Burton-upon-Trent: Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services (Tender)

  20. United Kingdom-Exeter: Telematics system (Tender)

  21. United Kingdom-Leeds: Construction-related services (Tender)

  22. United Kingdom-London: School cleaning services (Tender)

  23. United Kingdom-Newport: IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support (Tender)

  24. United Kingdom-London: Financial consultancy services (Tender)

  25. United Kingdom-Stafford: Public law and order services (Tender)

  26. United Kingdom-London: Non-scheduled passenger transport (Tender)

  27. United Kingdom-Stretford: Health and social work services (Tender)

  28. United Kingdom-Newcastle upon Tyne: Health and social work services (Tender)

  29. United Kingdom-Solihull: Architectural services for building extensions (Tender)

  30. United Kingdom-Sheffield: Architectural services for buildings (Tender)