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  1. United Kingdom-London: Insurance services (Contract award, utilities)

  2. United Kingdom-Huntingdon: Insurance and pension services (Tender, utilities)

  3. United Kingdom-Milton Keynes: Unmanned aerial vehicles (Tender, utilities)

  4. United Kingdom-Leeds: Gas distribution (Tender, utilities)

  5. United Kingdom-Bath: Instruments for measuring flow, level and pressure of liquids and gases

  6. United Kingdom-London: Rolling stock (Tender, utilities)

  7. United Kingdom-Belfast: Railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock and associated parts (Tender, utilities)

  8. United Kingdom-Warrington: Surface boxes (Extra information)

  9. United Kingdom-Perth: Construction work for electricity power lines (Contract award, utilities)

  10. United Kingdom-Warrington: Non-return valves (Extra information)

    21 August 2014 | OJEU | UNITED KINGDOM (UK)
    CPV codes...this document contains more than 3 CPV codes
  11. United Kingdom-Warrington: Wastewater treatment plant construction work (Tender, utilities)

  12. United Kingdom-Bristol: IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

  13. United Kingdom-Telford: Repair and maintenance services of vehicle transmissions

  14. United Kingdom-Aberdeen: Non-hazardous refuse and waste treatment and disposal services

  15. United Kingdom-London: Management-related services

  16. United Kingdom-London: Radiotherapy devices and supplies

  17. United Kingdom-Preston: School catering services (Contract award)

  18. United Kingdom-Rotherham: Education and training services (Simplified contract)

  19. United Kingdom-High Wycombe: Guard services (Contract award)

  20. United Kingdom-Cambridge: Residential property renting or leasing services (Contract award)

  21. United Kingdom-Glenrothes: Services relating to contaminated soil (Contract award)

  22. United Kingdom-Birkenhead: Software package and information systems (Contract award)

  23. United Kingdom-Northwich: Hire of passenger transport vehicles with driver (Contract award)

  24. United Kingdom-Oxford: Secondary education services (Contract award)

  25. United Kingdom-Walsall: School cleaning services (Contract award)

  26. United Kingdom-London: Repair and maintenance services of wheelchairs (Contract award)

  27. United Kingdom-Lisburn: Air-traffic control services (Contract award)

  28. United Kingdom-Yeovil: Orthopaedic services (Contract award)

  29. United Kingdom-Norwich: Public road transport services (Contract award)

  30. United Kingdom-Chatham: Supply services of personnel including temporary staff (Contract award)